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5 Tips for Starting Your Own Dance Class

“All great achievements require time.”

Maya Angelou

Making the decision to begin teaching a dance class requires careful planning and preparation. Here are the top five things you should know before deciding to take the plunge into hosting your first dance class.

1. Expertise and Knowledge

Before you start teaching anyone anything, you need to make sure that you have a strong foundation in the dance style that you’ll be teaching. Possessing a comprehensive understanding of the techniques, terminology, and choreography involved is crucial, regardless of the form of dance you’ll be instructing. Consider taking advanced dance classes or earning certifications if necessary. Your students will look to you for guidance and instruction, so being well-prepared is essential.

2. Lesson Planning and Curriculum

The best way to ensure your success as a dance instructor is by planning out your lessons and how they will progress. Outline the goals and objectives you want your students to achieve throughout the course. Develop a syllabus that includes a breakdown of topics, skills, and routines you'll cover in each session. Sharing this with your students as well will ensure that you keep your classes organized, progressive, and make sure that your students are having their needs met.

3. Teaching Skills

Teaching dance is about more than just having a functional understanding of how dancing works. As an instructor, you will need effective communication and instructional skills. You should be able to convey dance techniques, steps, and routines clearly to students with varying levels of experience. Patience, encouragement, and the ability to provide constructive feedback are also important qualities that instructors should have. Hone your teaching skills on your own or by taking courses that will effectively show you how to teach others your craft. This ensures that you receive the best outcomes that you can starting out. But it is important to also remember that mastering any kind of teaching is something that will take time, hard work, and dedication. Start slow and do your best.

4. Saftey and Injury Prevention

In the name of maintaining a reputable brand (and avoiding lawsuits) the safety of your students should be your top priority. Ensure that your studio or dance space is safe and free of hazards, such as slippery floors or obstacles. Teach your students proper warm-up and cool-down routines to prevent injuries.

You should also familiarize yourself with liability insurance and consider incorporating your dance class as a legal entity to protect your assets. All of this is your job as both an instructor and business owner.

5. Marketing and Promotion

Even the most respected teacher in the world needs students to teach. Develop a strategy to promote your class to others. Create social media accounts to share snippets of your dancing and your studio. If possible, you could even post examples of your teaching so that people can get a feel for you as an instructor.

You can also create a professional website where people can find you and your services. Have your pricing and payment policies, including any discounts or packages you may offer in an easy-to-find location on your site such as a FAQ section.

To attract new customers, you could also run specials offering introductory classes at a discount to help grow a loyal customer base. Networking within the dance community, partnering with local dance schools, and using word-of-mouth referrals can also help fill your classes.


Hosting your first dance class is exciting, but the amount of work that it requires is something that you should get a handle on before starting this venture. It requires not only dance expertise but also effective teaching skills, safety measures, marketing efforts, and an understanding of the business aspects involved. By doing the proper preparation, you can provide a positive and fulfilling experience for you and your students.

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