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 $50 A HOUR

Our conference room at 1 Soundvibe Connections, located in Suite E, is a shared workspace equipped with everything you need to hold meetings, presentations, or collaborative work sessions. The room measures 12 feet by 28 feet and features a 55-inch TV mounted on a portable stand, a dry erase board, a tall table with bar-height stools, a comfortable sofa, a conference table, and 12 rolling chairs.


The space is available for instant booking between the hours of 9am and 4pm, making it easy to schedule your meetings and get to work. '


Here are some examples of activities that can be done in a conference room:

- Hold team meetings or one-on-one discussions

- Give presentations or demos to clients or stakeholders

- Brainstorm ideas and collaborate with colleagues

- Conduct job interviews or performance evaluations

- Host training sessions or workshops

- Plan and coordinate projects

- Conduct teleconferences or videoconferences with remote participants.


Fully Equiped

Up to 15 Number

of People


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